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Shirley's Signature Orange Blossom Scent: Citrus. Ingredients include orange slices, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, pearly everlasting, keysu flowers, orange velvet flowers, and orange ring pods. Each bag is a generous half pound bag of fruits, seeds, and herbs with no wood chips, bark, grasses, or fillers - which are often used in other potpourris and dramatically shortens how long the fragrance will last. The ingredients in our potpourri allows it to absorb the oil more effectively than most brands and keep the oil from evaporating as quickly. Thus the scent lasts longer (two to three months). To refresh the scent we offer a Refresher Oil for each signature scent. Without using the refresher oil, the fragrance of the potpourri will last two to three months. Each bottle of refresher oil will extend the life of the fragrance between three to six months depending on how often it is used. The potpourri will look attractive for two to three years.


To refresh the scent of a potpourri, place the potpourri in a plastic bag. Take the refresher oil and spritz the fruit's surface with a thin layer of fragrant oil (about six to eight spritzes per side). Leave the potpourri in the plastic bag for two days, so the fruit can absorb the oil. Take it out, hang it up, and it will be as fragrant as the day it was purchased.


  • Handmade Potpourri in the USA with Fresh Oranges.

  • Shirley's Potpourri has been family owned for the last 30 years.

  • 100% Money Back if not Satisfied.

  • Can be used for Potpourri and/or Home Decorations.

  • Shirley’s Signature Scent Potpourri, Refresher Oil, Garland & Wreath Available.

Orange Blossom Potpourri

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